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Galabank Cattery,  95 Mansfield Road,  Papplewick,  Nottinghamshire,  NG15 8FJ
Telephone 0115 9633669

Galabank Gallery

  • Picturesque setting


  • Quiet and calm        

  • A tranquil oasis


  • Safe and secure


  At Galabank Cattery your cat will be cared for personally in a safe, secure location offering peace of mind for you and comfort and attention for your cat.




Our Chalet accommodation offers individually sited units.


One of our Chalets              


               Chalet Avenue

  The Chalets

Each unit is lined and insulated with thermostatically controlled heating.


Warm and cosy, a home from home


Each Chalet is clean, comfortable and furnished

  The Family Rooms

These units are of brick build construction, double glazed with sun terrace access.

We offer your cat the ultimate in comfort with pictures on the walls, curtains and lighting.


Family room with flap access to sun terrace


Relaxing on the Sun Terrace of a family room unit


  The Den

This is a self-contained unit ideal for the house cat used to its creature comforts.


The Den


The Den